Booming Business Sectors for Those Looking for a Career Change


COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the world. Economies crippled. Industries went out of business. Mass unemployment raised its ugly head. But when there’s bad, there’s good. It was during this pandemic that some companies secured record profits. Many found new and inspiring careers.

The point is, that everyone has found something in these past two years. While the traditional job market has been greatly affected by the virus, digitalization has provided new avenues for growth. Many sectors are witnessing a boom. It is indeed a great time to explore different fields and improve your skillset.

Here are the top booming industries for those looking for a career change:

Artificial Intelligence

Who would have thought that man and machine would be communicating and working together one day! Movies like Terminator predicted such interactions, but they always ended in violence. Thank God, the reality is different from what’s portrayed in sci-fi blockbusters, or is it? I’ll leave that question for a later discussion.

The point is, that artificial intelligence and machine learning are witnessing a dramatic rise. You too may have experienced the convenience it offers when paying your internet bills via Spectrum payment center or you can directly call the Spectrum phone number for further assistance or help. Therefore, companies are looking for engineers to design sophisticated programs and equipment. They want machines to take on difficult tasks. So, if you know linear algebra, calculus, and programming language then put them to use in AI.

Data Science

Data science has witnessed phenomenal growth during the pandemic period. Though the sector is still in its infancy, it is offering great benefits to the world. Companies are looking for people who can streamline their operations. Data science is an extremely lucrative field with huge room for skill development. Coding, calculus, machine learning, statistics, and programming are some of the sub-sectors of this vast field.

Software Development

There’s a great demand for software developers all over the world. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, this demand increased by 25% during the pandemic period. You will need a bunch of skills to try your hands at this in-demand job. Software development requires an understanding of programming languages, algorithms, data structures, etc. Additional skills like time management can get you a high-paying job at a reputed software company.


The healthcare sector has been on the rise ever since the pandemic first began. The call for health workers has increased by leaps and bounds. If you have a background in medicine or nursing, you can get a job at a health center. Moreover, if you know how to operate tech then there’s no one stopping you from getting a competitive job in this increasingly digital health sector.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is crucial to the success of a business. Companies need content marketers to promote their products and drive sales. It is worth mentioning here that digital marketing is different in many ways from the traditional market. The Internet is the new face of marketing. The whole world knows about the internet. The majority use it almost every day. The importance of digital marketing is pretty much self-explanatory.

Digital marketers create content posting strategies. They analyze the performance of businesses and identify ways to address shortcomings. Their job is to create brand image and value among the audience. They use search engines, social media channels, and other tools to expand the reach of businesses.

Online Education

The pandemic put a stop to everything when it first emerged. Schools were forced to shut down. Educational institutes were the first to adopt online means. Universities shifted to the Internet to provide courses to their students. You can become an online tutor by registering with a website. Alternatively, you can start teaching courses to junior-level students.


Technology has made it easy for us to explore different career paths. Many industries are experiencing a boom. The job market is getting back on track. It is important to keep looking for new opportunities. Sometimes a career change becomes necessary.