Best Websites to Make You Money in 2023


With the expansion of the internet, making money online has never been easier. The online world offers numerous options for starting a side hustle and earning money with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in this, we suggest you continue reading. This blog post will introduce some of the best websites where you can make money online.

Share Your Internet Connection

Would you like to get paid without leaving your couch? With websites like Honeygain, starting a side hustle online has never been more accessible.

Honeygain is an innovative app that lets you earn money by sharing your unused internet connection. Once you download the app and start sharing your connection, you become part of a global network that helps businesses and researchers gather data and insights.

Honeygain prioritizes its users’ security and applies the highest security measures. The app operates silently in the background of your device without disrupting your online activities.

Honeygain works on mobile data and your home Wi-Fi, adding to its convenience. To boost your earnings with Honeygain, refer friends for extra credits and participate in social media contests.

Give Your Opinion

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Respondent are platforms that reward you for tasks like answering surveys.

Engaging in the gig economy involves earning online by completing tasks such as playing games, watching videos, and answering surveys. You can answer surveys at your convenience and watch your PayPal balance increase.

Many of these platforms also have referral programs, allowing you and your friends to earn by completing tasks, with surveys often paying $1 each.

Perform Simple Tasks on Gigwalk

Gigwalk pays you for performing small tasks. These tasks range from ten minutes to a few hours, with earnings varying from $3 to $100 per task.

Typical tasks involve shopping at a store, photographing products, evaluating displays, and answering questions based on your observations – the amount you earn correlates with the number of tasks you complete.

Though websites like JumpTask, Gigwalk, and InstaGC probably won’t provide substantial income, but they can help with daily expenses!

Start Your YouTube Career

Everyone knows that social media can become a lucrative business. YouTube isn’t an exception. Managing a popular YouTube channel can result in significant earnings from brand sponsorships, ad revenue, and other monetization avenues.

YouTube isn’t a new platform for making money. Numerous new channels emerge daily, and due to policy changes, even smaller channels can now earn well. Record yourself telling stories, sharing knowledge, playing video games, vlogging, dancing, singing – the sky’s the limit.

As a self-publishing platform, YouTube allows you to set your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility and the benefits of ad revenue!

Teach Kids and Teenagers

If you have a knack for teaching and enjoy interacting with kids and teens, use your expertise as an online tutor. Numerous platforms allow you to teach and earn, helping students struggling in Math, English, Physics, Biology, and other subjects.

Online tutoring presents a steady demand and consistent income. Websites like, Preply, and Classgap are great places to start your online teaching journey.

Karma points for helping kids are guaranteed, too!

Go on a Hike

Who doesn’t love grabbing a coffee and hiking on a sunny Sunday morning? Now imagine making money while doing something you love!

Apps like Sweatcoin tracks your steps, rewarding you with ‘Sweatcoins,’ which you can redeem for products, services, or cash. Sweatcoin believes staying healthy is good for the world and wants to reward you for caring for your body.

It’s a great way to stay active, earn extra cash, and maintain health.

Test Websites

After someone creates a new website, it must undergo user testing to ensure it’s launch-ready. And this is your opportunity to earn some cash by testing websites!

Website owners are eager to gather valuable insights about user experience and are willing to pay well for it!

The best part? You don’t need any initial investment or prior online business knowledge. Just research and start making money by testing websites. Check out platforms like Testerup to kickstart your earnings!

Sell Online Courses

Whether you’re skilled in web development, a culinary wizard, an experienced knitter, or a math genius, you can create and sell online courses.

Platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, and Alison support thriving online learning communities. Share your expertise, sell your courses, and embark on a profitable journey.

Organize your knowledge, create course materials, and enjoy passive income. The vast online course market allows flexibility in your schedule and offers potential earnings from a global audience.

Design and Sell Customized Merchandise

Do you sometimes get bored with the fast fashion clothing you find at your local mall? You may have even considered designing your own clothes. Creating and selling apparel online is an exciting opportunity to turn your passions into profit!

Create an account on platforms like Redbubble and upload your digital designs. Put your design on anything you can imagine – shirts, dresses, socks, stickers, etc.

And if designing clothes isn’t your forte, don’t worry! You can still tap into the online marketplace by selling handmade art, home decor, clothing, and accessories on platforms like Etsy.

Many have turned their hobbies into online businesses on these websites. Why not join them and start earning online?