Advantages Of Using Huawei Earpods


Huawei’s latest wireless earphones, the FreeBuds Pro, are available now. They have better noise cancellation, sound, and a new design. Are they really worth the hefty price tag? When it comes to wireless earphones, Huawei earpods has created a flagship with the FreeBuds Pro. The brand also included the wireless FreeLace Pro and the first headset, the FreeBuds Studio, in addition to the freeBuds Pro. The new FreeBuds Pro earbuds have a fresh look as well as sound and noise-cancelling improvements.

It sounds fantastic

The FreeBuds Pro sounds fantastic. With their 11mm drivers, they can become pretty loud, and the earbuds are completely in control at any volume. The sound is not only loud and clear, but it also sounds great in all of the genres. Whether it was Foo Fighters’ powerful guitars, Billie Eilish’s cryptic pop melodies, or a piece of classical music, the sound was always balanced. You will be pleasantly delighted by the bass sound as well. Bas is definitely there, but only in the songs and moments where that is also the goal.

Ear design and comfort when wearing

The new earphones come in three colors: Carbon Black, Ceramic White, and Silver Frost, with the black earbuds being the only ones that could be tested. The new Huawei earpods have a far more elegant appearance than the 3i, thanks to the slimmer cubic shape. The ears are angular in shape, which contrasts with the spherical fit of these in-ear ears. These ears also perform admirably in terms of wearing comfort. The FreeBuds Pro can be worn in three different positions in the ear, and the ears come with three distinct fits that you may switch between. In addition, Huawei’s AI Life app includes a feature that allows you to test which fit is ideal for you. Furthermore, similar to the 3i, you could wear the earbuds for longer periods of time without their getting unpleasant.

The app is quite useful.

As befitting a pair of wireless headphones, the FreeBuds Pro may also be used with an associated app, in this case, Huawei’s AI Life. There was some uncertainty at first because the Play Store version of the software turned out to be an older version that did not work with this FreeBuds Pro. Fortunately, the quick start guide includes a QR code that will take you to the most recent edition. Huawei Netherlands has informed our editorial team that no date has been set for when the Play Store version will be upgraded. The download via QR code went without a hitch, but the question now is if there will be any issues with future AI Life updates.

Huawei’s app is easy to use once everything is up and running and it has a lot of features. You can, for example, change the controls on the earphones. Simply by default, you may switch between awareness mode, noise cancellation enabled, and the option to turn off both modes by pressing and holding one of the earbuds.

Handling has improved

The FreeBuds Pro combines touch control with squeeze capabilities to replace the touch control of the 3i. The Pro earphones include a long end that may be squeezed to play or pause music. You can switch through numbers by tapping many times in a row, and you can activate awareness mode or noise cancellation by pressing for a lengthy time. Swipe movements to increase or decrease volume by swiping up or down on the earbuds are the only things you utilize the touch controls for.

The new Huawei Earpods functioning will pleasantly surprise you. The FreeBuds 3i may not always recognize your touches, but pinch motions are much more precise. Every time you squeeze, you’ll hear a click sound, as if you’re pressing a button. This makes actions like tapping three times in a row, for example, much easier to execute. Huawei has made a significant enhancement that other manufacturers can learn from. Many wireless earpieces still have touch controls that are hit or miss.

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