9 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Magento


Magento is the most popular eCommerce sites which use open source technology to offer online traders or dealers with a flexible shopping cart system. This eCommerce platform provides search engine optimization, catalog management, and powerful marketing tools.

Magento is highly effective and costs sensitive platform which is perfect for the different type of discounts and promotions during checking out. It does not only add layout but also offers more than 50 payment gateways.

SEO friendly nature, easy to edit and customizable makes this Magento a perfect choice for those companies who set up their e-commerce website as well as sales online hundreds to thousands of products without any interruption.

Creative Ways for Improving the Magento Platforms-

Magento platform

Magento is an e-commerce platform where you set up the e-commerce websites and sales of the different type of products by using variable features and functionalities. Also, it helps to attract the online shopkeepers.

Low speed, technical complication, strong hardware requirements, and other limitations are the reason for decreasing the ranking of your websites. But, you can improve your Magento platforms by using 9 creative ways, which boost the ranking of your websites as well as increases the traffics.

Those creative ways are included-

1. Skilled Magento web hosting for your sites

Notwithstanding its popularity, Magento e-commerce platform has lower slow speed than other platforms such as Joomla, Shopify, and WooCommerce. But you do not to be worried because you can enhance the performance of your websites by using the skilled housing service on dedicated servers which provide excellent protection against online threats.

Web hosting service provides 24/7 customer support for decreasing the amount of company suffer losses to get goes down websites back up again quickly.

2. Boost and clarify the checkout process

According to the survey, this is found out that in India, online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69% average. But, by making securely and safely checkout process, you can avoid the rate. E-retailers develop user-friendly E-commerce website and add a different type of products. But they still take various efforts to increase or improve sales, Complication in the checkout process is the main reason for these problems.

In order to get the solution to this problems, you have to set up a smooth and painless checkout process which this help customers can easily complete the traction in a few minutes.

3. Localization and internationalization for your sites

An e-commerce platform Magento has a requirement to display your sites in multiple currencies region and countries without any changing on the site. This features helpful when you are planning to sale the various products in the different countries and regions. Also, you should be to create the website as per the requirements of customers and offer them products as per regions, countries, and languages.

4. Boost Magento search

Magento is a highly customizable platform, We can make this e-commerce platform fast, accurate and customized for improving its search features. In order to achieve more attractive to customers, it uses integrated AJAX search and algorithms.

5. Light site and optimizing images

Complicated contents, large images, and videos make the sites heavier that’s why it becomes hang and creates problems to gain traffic. So, you should always post powerful & unique content and small photographs. Also, optimizing images dramatically reduce the download time.

6. Removing the duplicate content and focusing on unique content marketing

Nowadays, valuable and unique content make the sites more popular while duplicate content only helps in sales the products but do not help in achieving the traffics and calls on the websites.

For increasing the popularity and calls on your e-commerce websites, you must focus on content marketing rather than highlighting only on unique content on regular basis about news, media, and services and on your blogs.

7. Display your Homepage

The homepage of any websites is the best heavy trafficked resources and it is known as the valuable page for the entire store. That’s why it is helpful for potential customers as well as easily digestible to the search crawlers.

The title “Home Page” does not only show the pages of home but also consists of an online version of elevator pitch which describes what your website is all about.

8. Permit flat catalog

Magento stores product and customer data security by using entity attribute value. In order to improve performance by responding to MySQL queries quicker, permitting the flat catalog for products and categories combined product data into one table.

9. Uses Content Delivery Network(CDN)

For reducing the load time, implementing CDN with Magento e-commerce platform is one of the best and easiest ways. With the help of content delivery network such as MetaCDN, Magento platform is capable of servicing your assets from a location geographically closest to customers and that’s the main reason, it increases the latency, as well as increases, download speed for those assets.


If the speed of your Magento is very slow and you can’t achieve more calls, visitors, and traffic on your e-commerce websites, then you should not be worried because we help you with Magento optimization for increasing the speed of Magento in no time.

There are many ways to optimize or boost the Magento e-commerce platform in which some types we mentioned above.

For your sales, search engine optimization ranking and totally the best user experience, we make sure e-commerce solution is running fast which is the most important factors.


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