5 Mobile Apps to Help Salespeople Become More Efficient at Work


Decades ago, investing in huge manpower has been among the priorities of many businesses. With more people, it’s imperative that production will also increase.

This, however, significantly changed by the time ventures upped their marketing by using digital methods. Now, keeping a strong work reputation and performance entails a consistent and relevant online presence fit for a company’s target market.

For salespeople, this digital proliferation has become both a blessing and a hassle in itself. Since anyone with internet connectivity and smartphones could share content, more prospect competitors are emerging from everywhere. Coincidentally, this increase in competition also encouraged better performance from those products and brands we trust.

Being able to maximize the benefits of productivity apps for salespeople is essential in winning your customers’ support. Take a look at this short list of the most helpful mobile apps you can use to beef up your marketing arsenal.


Whether it’s a note, article, photo compilation or any type of media, Evernote is capable of holding them in one place. Using its mobile version, one can easily sync it to the online and desktop version of the tool. This way, you could easily work from one platform to another without having to manually copy everything.


Having more than two emails nowadays is quite common. It’s because salespeople or marketers have to keep tabs of their transactions with clients and a lot of times, one business email just couldn’t do justice.

However, handling multiple emails is really time-consuming. Not to mention the fact that it’s difficult as well. TypeApp is a mobile application created to hold all of your emails in one place and be able to access them with one click. Just register them on the app, and you’re ready to go.

Features like clustering and color customization are only a few of the app’s function that helps you hasten the work even more.


This app is primarily made for tracking sales leads. It alerts users with potential leads, which can then be used by salespeople to plan and schedule meetups. It also has a comprehensive monitoring feature that enables users to track the communication they had with clients. Its clean user-interface makes it easier and faster to use.


It’s literally a digital bulletin that allows you to create cards and lists, labeling them with the name of projects or tasks you’re working on. This is highly applicable for marketers working with a team from different places.

With Trello, monitoring the progress of each project is made easier.


If you’ve always found it difficult to keep track of the login info you have online, then using LastPass is an efficient method. It’s a password vault in a nutshell, that generates strong passwords for you while at the same time acting as a browser. This way, you no longer have to manually input your different log in per account. LastPass will do it for you.

Salespeople in the digital age have gone mobile. It’s about time you work on upping your strategies with these tools as well. Grab their free versions in Google Play or Apple Store and give them a try!


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