5 Essential Tips for Choosing Online Store Builder


Creating an online store is not enough in today’s cut-throat competitive business world.
Owning an online store is a good idea, but you may not be meeting the desired
business goals because of multiple factors like low traffic, bad customer shopping
experience, security woes, etc. Well! Don’t be discouraged. You can do multiple things
like start selling on market places, fixed your website problems, collect feedback from
customers, or create an store on website builder.

What is Online Store Builder?

People from the technical ground must be aware of website or store builder. It is
basically a tool to create your own desired website. In nutshell, this builder tool is this
cheapest, easiest, and most convenient way for someone who wants to sell without
creating a dedicated store. Builders are primarily apply the CMS (Content Management
System) principle and are widely used by photographers, businesses, freelancers,
bloggers, designers and others.

Benefits of Online Store Builder:

As discussed earlier, an online store builder is the cheapest and easiest tool available for medium and small scale organisations to sell their products online. Some of the benefits of store builders are:

  • Economical and easy to use
  • World class system as well as support of highly technical professionals
  • Easy to use user interface for better shopping experience
  • Meets PCI compliance Data Security Standards
  • Optimised for search engines for better traffic
  • In built search engine for quick and easy product discovery
  • Hosted on premium servers for great bandwidth and page load times

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Online Store Builder:

An entrepreneur must select a builder that is functional, economical and user friendly.
Some important features worth considering while selecting an online store builder are:

Price: Budget is the first and foremost concern of each organization. Most of the builder
stores have different plans. There are options available from free to several thousands.
It is also true that sometimes the most premium and costlier options are unable to fetch
good results. Sometimes a cheaper platform can give best output. Select as per your
business requirement and budget. It is true that builder store offer amazing features at
economical prices. Check out the builder with the best features that suit your business
plans and go for it.

Features: Product presentation is the best way to lure customers into your website.
Customers who prefer online shopping prefer a platform where they can easily examine
and read almost each feature of the respective product. So, go for store builder that

offers the best features and high-quality user experience. Select interchangeable store
builder that can be updated easily. Go for a store builder that believe in quality exhibit
practices and offer features like comparisons, slideshows, videos and info sheets.

Security: E-commerce purely works on the principle of trust. Once this bond of trust is
compromised then you may lost it forever. Security of payments is a vital issue and it
should be handled with extreme care. Customers need a secure payment gateway
because they share sensitive information like bank details and passwords. Go for
payment gateway that offers integrated SSL encryption and total security until the time a
customer checks out. Any security lapse on this front may cause irreversible damage to
your business.

After Service: So you are done with the pricing and you are also satisfied with the
features and security of some store builders. Before zeroing on any option, just
research it well on after sales services offered by such store builders. Read their
support policies in detail and then make a wiser choice.

Different design options: Since you are using a builder platform so there is a
possibility that you will get selected design options. But monotonous designs may mar
your business goals. So, select a store builder that offers different design options. Going
for a custom design option is not a bad idea at all.


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