5 Common Mistakes That Can Get Software Developers Fired


So, you are popular at the workplace. The boss like your attitude towards works and your development genius is what colleagues swear by. You’re in the good books of the people matter there in the office and your career is flourishing, sort of. This can make many feel invincible and infallible – a gem that can lord over all. Well, well, you’re not one. One bad mistake and you’re fired. This is how software developers get laid off despite being of value to their organizations. So, be wary of mistakes and prolong your career.

Here are 5 common mistakes that can get software developers fired –

#1 Poor judgment

For software developers, the ability to take the right decision holds value and it sets them on the right path of growth as well. In some cases, however, they are prone to making an error in judgment which can either be related to their domain or for other company matters. Based on the intensity and impact of poor judgment, they can be fired. After all, such judgments often cause harms to the business directly or indirectly.

#2 Not being original

Given a chance, most software developers would copy and paste a code from the internet or from other sources to get the job done. They mostly do this task secretly so that nobody could know and they continue on with such works in the future. They are also prone to accessing materials or resources not meant to. These works are not original and involve some sort of dishonesty and scheming for which developers can be fired.

#3 Not meeting deadlines

The software industry is ultra-competitive where top players vie for a major chunk in the market. So, for a company to perform better and stay at the top of the game, its developers have to work tirelessly so that projects can be delivered on time. Some developers, however, are not in tune with this reality and often show laxity towards their work. They miss and delay works leading to not meeting deadlines, which often gets them fired.

#4 Stonewalling & blockades

The software industry is all about delivering projects according to the specifications and requirements of the client. Developers just can’t ignore this simple mantra as this industry exists to simplify things and businesses. In some cases, however, some developers do not follow this maxim and rather go the other way, delivering exactly what not is asked for and then not paying heed to the boss or the client. This can be a cause of being fired for sure.

#5 Not delivering quality

Many a time a company often fires developers for want of quality. After all, clients have money to buy product design software and if they are not satisfied with the performance of the product, this can have an adverse impact on the company. Software developers have to update and upgrade themselves as per changing technologies to stay relevant to the market. Not doing the same can put them at the risk of being fired prematurely from the job.


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